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Kadınlar Pazarı after the Çırçır Fire, Zeyrek, 1908

By Sedat Tokay / 14.01.2022

Photo date: 1908
Photographed by:
Source: SALT Research

Kadınlar Pazarı, after the Çırçır Fire, Zeyrek, 1908

"On Sunday, August 23 [1908], a fire broke out in the house that Arabacı Mehmet Ağa was renting in Fatih Çırçır. The fire caused by the spirit that caught fire while cooking coffee with Kamineto, spread from one of the adjacent wooden houses to the other, in a short time, with the effect of the strong wind. "It was divided into eight branches and destroyed a wide area from Çırçır to Sofular, from Büyük Karaman to Saraçhanebaşı. Istanbul was facing the biggest fire disaster it had ever witnessed after the Great Pera Fire of 1870."

Source: "Society and Science" (Ebru Aykut, "The Ghost of Revolution in Freedom"), 2016, issue 136, p. 6