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Halic Shipyard

Halic Shipyard
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Galata Shipyard
In 1453, Sultan II. After Mehmet took Istanbul, it became necessary to establish a naval base in Istanbul. Byzantium's naval base and shipyard were in Kadırga-Kumkapı. The Ottomans did not choose this place for their navy because the location of the shipyard was open to attacks from the Sea of ​​Marmara. The Golden Horn was both safer and its still and deep waters were perfectly suitable for a shipyard. Fatih Sultan Mehmet liked the location of the Galata Shipyard, where the Genoese living in Galata maintained their ships and built ships of certain sizes. The flat on the Hasköy side of Kasımpaşa Stream was an ideal area for the construction of a shipyard. Sultan II. Mehmet gave the captain derya Hamza Pasha the task of establishing a shipyard here. In order for this shipyard to start production, carpenters, sailors and craftsmen were brought from the coastal regions of the state. In this period, the Ottoman navy, which was built in the Gallipoli Shipyard, which still continued to be an Ottoman naval base, and the newly established Galata Shipyard, under the command of Gedik Ahmet Pasha, did not only dominate the Black Sea, but also went to Italy and conquered Otranto. Sultan II. During the Beyazıt period (1481-1512), the shipyard in Galata was enlarged a little more. Many of the ships that participated in the wars with Venice, the famous sailor
It is estimated that it was built here under the supervision of Kemal Reis.

Establishment of Tersane-i Amire
The main change made in Galata Shipyard took place during the reign of Sultan Selim I. The Ottoman state started to give importance to maritime within the conditions of the period. Yavuz Sultan Selim, who wanted to be strong in the seas as well as his victories on land, was thinking of expanding the shipyard in order to have a large navy. Before the Çaldıran campaign, Sultan Selim I had made some decisions for the construction of a shipyard. According to the information given by Nicolo Giustiniani, the bailiff of the Venetian state in Istanbul, in his letter dated June 30, 1513, Sultan Selim I ordered the construction of large shipyards in Gallipoli and Istanbul, each with a capacity of two hundred galleys, one hundred eyes.
had given. The sultan, who allocated 200,000 ducats for this, also ordered the use of old galley timbers in the construction of new galleys. According to the information given by Venetian baylo Giustiniani, the construction of the dockyard eyes started in the winter season of 1513-14 in the bay to the west of the Galata walls, where the old Genoese shipyard was located, and many construction workers were involved in the construction of the shipyard. By the autumn of 1513 the first four eyes were completed.

Quote from: Turan Akıncı, İstanbul'un 700 Yıllık Karakutusu  p. 150-151