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Yeni Çeşme Mosque (Mehmet Ağa Mosque)

Yeni Çeşme Mosque (Mehmet Ağa Mosque)
By Sedat Tokay / 30.11.2021

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Source: Sedat Tokay archive

Yeni Çeşme Mosque (Mehmet Ağa Mosque)

Also known as Ağa Mosque, this mosque was located near the middle of Ahmediye Square. Its founder is Kizlaragasi Mehmet Agha. About 155 years after its construction, Darü'ssaâde Ağa Hacı Beşir Ağa placed its pulpit and turned the masjid into a mosque. Beşir Ağa, the owner of numerous charitable works, died in 1159 (1746) and was buried in his tomb on the left side of the door of Eyüp Sultan Mosque opening to the fountain courtyard. Mehmet Ağa is originally from Abyssinia. Sultan III. He became the agha of darü's-saâde during the reign of Murat and in 1582. He is the first Eunuch of Abyssinian descent. It has many wonders. Among these, apart from this Yeni Çeşme Mosque, there is the 'Kemerli or Kemeraltı Mosque' in Üsküdar, again in Atpazarı, and next to this mosque there is a fountain dated 998 (1589-90) and a fountain dated 1587 on Tabaklar Mescidi Street. In addition, there was another fountain next to the Yeni Çeşme Mosque. Since this fountain was built in 995 (1587), the temple must have been built at this time. In order to meet the expenses of these works, Mehmet Ağa had a bakery called 'Kızlarağası Bakery' and a row of vaulted shops built next to this oven, in the vicinity of Dutlu Kahve in Üsküdar. These bakeries and shops were demolished in 1965 when the Toptaşı Boulevard was being built. Ağa also has works in Istanbul. Mosque, fountain, large double bath, madrasah and lodge in Fatih Carsamba; The madrasah, school, and fountain, which are today a library built by the Child Protection Agency, in Divanyolu; There are two more dispensers in Çarşıkapı, Makasçiler andparmak. In addition to these, Mehmet Ağa had a castle and a village built around the Ismail Pass on the Danube. Mehmet Ağa was executed in 999 Rebiülâhir (February 1591) and was buried in his tomb next to the mosque in Çarşamba. Since the kulliye in Çarşamba was built by Architect Davut Ağa, it is thought that this mosque was also built by Davut Ağa. Davut Ağa was executed in Vefa Square in 1008 (1599) with the accusation of disbelief. The Yeni Çeşme Mosque, which was made of cut stone, was demolished in 1935 while the road was widened. This mosque does not have a neighborhood. This temple had a very large cemetery. Now, there are PTT buildings and many shops and apartments in its place. The cemetery covered the area surrounded by Ahmediye Square, the right side and part of Halk Caddesi, the left side of Türbe Kapısı Street and Açık Türbe Street. Secretly Dede's open tomb was also located on the edge of this burial ground. A dervish lodge was built in the middle of the burial ground, behind and slightly ahead of the tomb of Dede Secretly. The place of this lodge is still in the form of land. The cemetery was removed together with the mosque in 1935. The last remains of the burial ground stood in front of the Halil Pasha Tomb in 1965. It was removed during the construction of an apartment on this date.