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Tarabya, Summer Palace Hotel

Tarabya, Summer Palace Hotel
Photo date: 1920
Photographed by:
Source: Sedat Tokay archive

Tarabya Summer Palace Hotel

The Tarabya Summer Palace Hotel was opened in 1894 by the International Grand Hotels Company, founded by Wagons-Lits, which operates the Orient Express trips. Being one of the first buildings of the city to be illuminated by electricity, the hotel hosted Orient Express passengers in May-October with its ballrooms, beach, tennis courts, and terrace with a Bosphorus view. Pera Palace, located in Beyoğlu, served as the company's winter hotel. Losing its glory during the First World War, Summer Palace was bought by Mıgırdıç Tokatlıyan, the operator of the Tokatlıyan hotels in Beyoğlu and Tarabya. After a while, its name was changed to Sümer Palas. It was demolished in 1950.

Source: SALT Research