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Beyazit Mosque - History

Beyazit Mosque - History
Photo date: Early 1900's
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Source: Sedat Tokay archive

Bayezid Mosque (also known as Beyazıt Mosque and Beyazıt Mosque) was built by Sultan II. A mosque built by Bayezid I. It is a building among the early works of Ottoman classical period architecture. It is the main element of the kulliye, which was built in a scattered manner in the district. It is not known exactly who the architect was, there are opinions that it was built by Architect Hayrettin, Architect Kemaleddin or Yakupşah bin Sultan Shah. It is considered to be the oldest selatin mosque in Istanbul that preserves its originality. II. Bayezid's tomb is located in the graveyard of the mosque. history It was built by Sultan Bayezid Veli in the square, which was called Theodosius Forum in the Byzantine period and was the largest square in the city. It was the second largest selatin mosque built in the city after the conquest of Istanbul. Fatih Mosque, which is the first selatin mosque in the city, has lost its originality and is considered to be the oldest selatin mosque in Istanbul that has preserved its originality. According to the inscription written by Sheikh Hamdullah on the door of the sentence, it was completed in five years between 1501-1506. According to Evliya Çelebi, the first prayer on the opening day of the mosque was led by the sultan himself.