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Fenerbahce Train Station, 1880-1900

Fenerbahce Train Station, 1880-1900
Photo date: 1880-1900
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Fenerbahce Train Station, 1880-1900
Fenerbahce Cape (the other is Moda Cape), one of the two capes extending to the Marmara and surrounding Kalamış Bay, with its scenery 
and sea, it is always loved and sought after, especially in summer as a summer resort for the people of Istanbul, especially the people
of Kadıköy.
However, those who want to reach this beautiful summer district surrounded by lush gardens by train, get off at Kızıltoprak Station and 
head towards Fenerbahçe Cape in the summer heat by walking was hard work.
Thereupon, by order of Sultan Abdülaziz, Haydarpaşa-Pendik Railway was put into service, shortly after then Kızıltoprak and Göztepe 
Stations were completed.
A station named Bifurcation (Today's Feneryolu Station) was built. a new railway line was built 150 m away from this station departing from the mainline and extending to Fenerbahçe. This line is 1756 m long.
Those who want to reach Fenerbahçe by train get off at Bifurcation Station and take the train to Fenerbahçe. They were able to reach 
Fenerbahçe Cape by transferring.
A wooden two-story train station was built on Fenerbahce.

Unfortunately, the station building has not survived. On the other hand, this railway line stretches from Feneryolu to Fenerbahçe
the rails continue to exist in an idle state for another 40 years. It was dismantled in March 1970 and the train line extended between 
Feneryolu and Fenerbahçe has completely vanished into history…

Quote from: Twitter, Berk Erkent @BarkentIn